What it takes to be a royal butler: Rick Fink’s visit to China

“ I’ve served Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, the late Princess Diana, and other members of the British and foreign Royal Families. They expected nothing less than perfection, and that is what I can teach.” 
– Rick Fink

In 2019, the Golden Keys Butler Training Course was held in Chengdu Paradise Hotel, where a total of 43 trainees from 13 provinces, 15 cities, 10 hotels, 10 properties, and 6 service enterprises participated in the one-week intensive training program.

Rick Fink had traveled to China to work specifically with GKIA in training a group of prospective talents in the service industry. With 66 years of experience as a royal butler, Fink served many presidents throughout his career, including President de Klerk of South Africa, President Museveni of Uganda, President Giscard d’Estaing of France, Mr. Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and several British Prime Ministers from Alec Douglas-Home to Tony Blair. Fink was devoted to passing on his heritage of skilled craftsmanship in providing impeccable services. This remarkable learning opportunity resulted in unanimous praise from the participants and attention from the industry.

The Butler Valet School opened in 2002 and offers the highest standards of training. It is known worldwide to have trained over 80 officials from Royal Palaces and individual members of Royal Families who have attended their courses to acquire quality training at its highest level.
The magnificent Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire is also known as the filming location of the popular TV series Downton Abbey.