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Golden Key Hotel Alliance was established, with 35 high-end hotels joining the alliance.


Golden Key Property Alliance was established, marking the beginning of the alliance’s development beyond the hotel industry and its search for cross-sectoral development.


Golden Keys internationalized its development across Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia – 28 overseas enterprises joined Golden Key International Alliance, marking the brand of GKIA going international.


Golden Key Service Alliance was established – GKIA was formed with the hotel alliance as its core and the property alliance and service alliance as its two pillars. It became the cross-industry multiservice alliance it is today.

The Noble Club was created – GKIA grew from the industry service provider model for enterprises to a luxury tourism service provider offering services directly to high-end clients.

GKIA was awarded the “Most Potential Alliance Brand” by the Asia Hotel Forum.


GKIA and European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA) signed a strategic cooperation agreement committed to developing and promoting the connection and collaboration between European and Chinese high-end hotel general managers and other enterprises in the industry.

GKIA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with STR Global, the world’s largest hotel data company, to provide the latest global hotel statistics service for GKIA alliance enterprises.


Over 300 enterprises joined GKIA, including more than 150 hotels, 170 properties, and 20 service alliances. GKIA evolved from its initial operating model to a combination of brand consultancy, service standard formulation, and quality inspection.

The company was awarded the “2012 Top 10 Chinese High-end Tourism Brands” by the “2nd Annual Tourism Industry Conference” jointly organized by China Travel News and China Tourism Association.