Golden Keys China 25th Anniversary Brand Service Congress (South Region)

The Golden Keys 25th Anniversary Brand Service Congress (South Region) was successfully held over the past weekend in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Nearly 700 guests from over 130 cities, 350 hotels, properties, industry associations, educational institutes, and other Golden Keys partners attended the congress. Among the various authorities and distinguished guests included representatives from the China Leisure Association, China Hotel Association, Tourism Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Jiangxi Department of Culture and Tourism, Shandong Tourist Hotels Association, Jiangsu Tourism Association, Zhejiang Hotels Association, Sanya Tourist Hotels Association and more, forming an impressive lineup for the grand occasion.

As a remarkable event in China’s service industry, the congress has been highlighted by mainstream media channels: Culture & Tourism China, China Culture & Media, Jiangxi TV, Jiangxi News, Toutiao, Nanchang Daily, Nanchang News,, attracting wide attention across the nation.

Over the past 25 years, the Golden Keys brand has made significant developments in numerous fields ranging from service training to the E-concierge system and healthcare services. As the brand’s operating model, Golden Key International Alliance (GKIA) has strived to promote Golden Keys’ service philosophy across all related sectors since 2002. As an international multiservice alliance, we have established meaningful affiliations with industry heavyweights in Europe, Asia, and North America, creating an ecosystem with more diversification and interconnection to ensure top-quality experiences.

The Golden Keys Annual Congress was a significant occasion to celebrate the brand’s achievements with its partners. While GKIA members and friends abroad were unable to attend in person due to the pandemic, they demonstrated support and excitement through some video greetings:

We wish you all the best for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and we look forward to the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milano-Cortina.”
– Mauro Di Maio, President of Le Chiavi D’Oro FAIPA

… Many projects are planned to not only connect and cooperate with different industries but also to promote Golden Keys’ service philosophy to Italy. It will bring both country’s relationships closer and stronger … Especially with the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing and Milan, it will certainly be a great occasion to share and exchange culture, knowledge, and ideas in providing exceptional services.”
Marco Bulferetti, GKIA Italy Representative

“… I have been a part of your revolution since the beginning and I am ready to continue following your international evolvement. We wish you a successful congress and successful cooperation with the Winter Olympics coming in 2022! ”
– Aldo Giacomello, GKIA Switzerland Representative

“… We don’t have the same kind of organizations in Europe; GKIA is the only one in the world. This is something you must be very proud of. Now you are preparing for the Olympics in Beijing in 2022 … I’m sure there will be wonderful ideas to follow.”
– Michel Fernet, GKIA France Representative

Despite a brief chapter in the service industry, GKIA has undisputedly represented a benchmark thus far. Our endeavor to support members through constant adaptation and innovation will help us with extending our reach to create more meaningful relationships in the future.