GKIA’s 555th property member: MCC Spring Town by The Great Wall

Through the introduction of the internationalized and professional Golden Keys service resources and framework, MCC Property is collaborating with GKIA on the debut of its new development – MCC Spring Town by The Great Wall, an iconic family vacation destination that celebrates Chinese architecture inheritance and development, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Deng Xiang Ming, Director of Operations (2nd right on stage), and Zou Guo Zhou, Operations Officer of GKIA (2nd left on stage), awarded certificates, medals, badges, and flags to Wang Jia Mei, Project Representative of MCC Property (middle on stage).


Redefining cultural tourism with 6 key highlights

Inspired by elements of the four seasons, MCC Spring Town by The Great Wall is a concept created to reimagine the Anyingzhai mountains, forests, streams, starry skies, and the Great Wall.


Starry World

Created in collaboration with the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences featuring a family entertainment center, starry sky experience, dome theater, science and technology exhibitions, and many more experiential facilities.

The Spring Town Club Med Resort

Built jointly with the world’s largest all-inclusive resort chain, showcasing the French luxury vacation style with comfortable guest rooms, international cuisine, kids club, adventure activities, and the friendly “GOs” (Gentils Organisateurs) to provide a world-class family vacation experience.


Snow Park

The park is equipped with high-quality ski props and provides professional training courses, offering a variety of family-friendly winter sports and entertainment activities.


Spring Town Shopping Lane

The Han-Tang style shopping street integrates leisure, entertainment, and shopping into a dynamic and interesting portrayal of ancient villages in China.


Sports Park

A multi-functional park offering professional supporting facilities for outdoor sports and leisure activities.


Agriculture Park

An innovative and educational concept that promotes agritourism, featuring activities such as organic farming, planting experience, agricultural visits, and sightseeing, providing guests with a unique rural experience.