GKIA member: MCC Property brand value exceeds 1.7 billion RMB

Established in 1993, MCC Property is a subsidiary of MCC Group, one of the world’s top 500 state-owned enterprises in property management, dealing with high-end residential buildings, villas, office buildings, business parks, and schools. It has increasingly consolidated its service standards since 2017 by continually excelling in providing quality services and seeking innovation and technology in service management systems.

MCC Property was awarded the “2020 Specialized Operational Leading Brand of China Property Service Companies” with a brand valuation 1.701 billion RMB by China Index Academy.

Golden Keys service system: a catalyst for quality services and a guarantor of brand reputation

MCC Property has integrated the Golden Keys service philosophy into high-end properties services, creating a Golden Keys service system with MCC Property characteristics, namely: the exclusive Golden Keys experiential service model, butler services in high-end residential properties, and concierge services for commercial offices.

Service systems operating in properties Beijing, Tianjin, and Qinhuangdao are further examples of how Golden Keys’ concepts have combined with MCC Property’s. Golden Keys hotel service standards and philosophy are also integrated into commercial properties, industrial parks, and public facilities to provide tailored professional services.

The “Golden Keys High-end Field Service Standard” incorporates Golden Keys service philosophy into high-end property field services. It has been implemented in all MCC Real Estate sales fields across the nation, ensuring the highest service quality in every touch point.

By putting customers first and treating every client with the highest courtesy, MCC Property is a true embodiment of Golden Key’s service philosophy. Its breakthroughs in conventional property management have built a smart technology-centered community, reshaping the industry and creating value for customers and society as a whole.