Cultivating talents in high-end property management: GKIA Butler Training Course

Golden Keys is an undisputed leader, the crème de la crème of China’s service industry. To support property enterprises in raising their quality standards, consolidate high-end property brands, and cultivate top-class talents, Golden Key International Alliance (GKIA) has launched the High-end Property Butler Training Course.

Course Overview
  • Golden Keys Service Philosophy and Brand Development
  • “From Service Provider to Professional Butler” Etiquette Training
  • Golden Keys Butler Service Core Philosophy
  • Golden Keys Butler Service Implementation in High-end Properties
  • Golden Keys Customer Service Psychology and Critical Moments
  • Golden Keys Service Sensitivity and Observation Training
  • To integrate GKIA’ service philosophy into property management and help companies enhance service quality and create value
  • To provide exclusive and personalized butler service of the highest quality for property companies in order to improve the client/owner experience
  • To cultivate GKIA’s property management talents to ensure a professional service experience and maintain high customer/owner satisfaction
  • To help build an international brand for Golden Keys property service projects, establishing a benchmark in the industry
Wu Zhao Chang
Head of Training Consultancy, Golden Key International Alliance
Tan Piao
Training Advisor, Golden Key International Alliance
Xiong Yu Ting
Chief Training Director of Golden Key International Alliance

  • Property service management (property managers, account managers, customer service, butlers, quality supervisors)
  • Property managers looking to join Golden Key International Alliance

An official certificate will be issued by GKIA upon completion of training and examination.