A new approach to public health services: The Golden Keys Hospital Services Certification Training Program

The Golden Keys Hospital Services Certification Training Program (GKHSC) was officially launched at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center. 

Led by the Shanghai Services Federation (SSF), Golden Key International Alliance (GKIA), together with the Public Health University under Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and Jiantu Medical Service Research Institute, has launched this project to integrate the Golden Keys brand service into the public health field through certified training. The purpose is to improve medical professionals’ service, reinforce the system’s responsiveness to public health crises and enhance patients’ satisfaction, in order to establish the best hospital service system. 

The opening ceremony saw the participation of Sun Dong, President of Golden Keys China, Zhan Hua and Li Xing Hong, Assistants to the President, Zhang Zhao Kui and Yang Jie, Director and Chief Representative of the Golden Keys Executive Committee in Shanghai, as well as Zhu Tong Yu, Director of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Qiu Hong Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Clinical Center and Principal of the Public Health University, Shen Yi Chen, Special Assistant to the President of SSF, and Zhang Shi Zhong, Vice Director of the Jiantu Medical Service Research Institute.  

The intensive course encompasses 5 main areas: “Healthcare Service Concept Enhancement”, “Healthcare Service Skills Enhancement”, “Healthcare Service Etiquette”, “Emotion and Stress Management”, and “Complaint Management in Healthcare”. Combining theory and analysis of individual cases, the project aims to strengthen healthcare workers’ service skills and consciousness, hence improving hospital services and the public health system. 

“This project will link the clinical and medical care’s core contents to the concept of ‘service’ and, hence, significantly improve the organization’s operational efficiency and optimize the existing service procedure, elevating the service quality and consumer experience, in order to achieve an even stronger competitive position.
It will show the highest value of hospital products and generate a greater social value. The essence of all these originates from Golden Keys’ service philosophy and spirit, which is also our service practitioners’ original intention.” 
In 2020, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center was awarded the Outstanding Case Of National Smart Hospital Construction and named as the “Advanced entity in the fight against the Coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai “