It has been 15 years since the first step forward of GKIA. At present, there are more than 160 luxury hotels, 330 up-scale office buildings, large commercial properties, urban complex, exclusive residential communities, and approximately 31 upper-scale service enterprises from America , China , Europe, and Southeast Asia in the league. In abroad, especially Europe, America and Southeast Asia (including Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Vietnam, etc.), 31 overseas enterprises have taken part in GKIA.
Golden Key International Alliance ( hereafter referred to as GKIA) has become the largest global up-scale cross-sectoral service enterprise coalescence currently. It consists of a tri-party alliance among Hotel Alliance , Property Alliance and Service Alliance. Centering on Chinese market, GKIA has established the largest first-class cross-sectoral service enterprise coalescence within Chinese territory. The members of GKIA include Luxury Hotels , Grand Office Buildings , splendid Service Apartments , Magnificent Villas , Shopping Malls , Yachting Clubs , Broad Scale Tourist Attractions, Airport VIP Suites , Outdoor Archery & Equestrian Clubs , High Ranking Development Centers , exclusive KTVs ,Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals and other renowned inter trade service enterprises. Since 2010 GKIA has initiated contact with renowned hotels and restaurants within European , North American and South East Asian markets with the view to attracting overseas hotels to enter the Chinese market in collaboration with GKIA. GKIA can provide a fully integrated promotion service for luxury hotels wishing to enter the Chinese market and carry out cooperation. GKIA has provided integrated promotion service of hotel brand and guest source for the luxury hotel bands from Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, in the form of GKIA Member Guidelines among the member network around China, websites, magazines, congresses, training programs and exhibitions etc..>>